Working with Desert IT is like having your own IT department

Remember that time you worked with a partner who wouldn’t let you speak? Or even worse, brought you down the wrong path, wasting your time and financial resources? We all have been in this situation, but have you ever thought what caused this in the first place?

We believe this happens when your IT team attempts to fix things before understanding the true issue. If you boil this down, a lack of communication training typically causes this, which is why each Desert IT team member is coached from day one on how to communicate in a way that creates a winning relationship with you and your team.

Second is a lack of technical training, so we decided to cover 100% of all employee’s tuition, certification training, ongoing workshops, and reward staff with raises after completion of these courses.

We typically work with companies who:

Are frustrated with slow technology that constantly crashes
Are annoyed of waiting for IT to fix their issues
Don’t trust their IT team and want to regain control
Are tired of looking for a reliable IT solution
Have no budget in place yet money is flying out the window
Have financial pressure to save money
Stressed from a recent outage that lost you money
Just want everything to work
Were hacked or lost data and want to stop it from happening again