• Industry:  Construction
  • Employees:  71 Employees
  • Project:  Managed Services, Security
  • Environment:  Fiber Internet, Full Cisco-Meraki Stack


Case Study Overview

The customer felt their technology was very disorganized, didn’t know if they were secure, and needed to fix unreliable internet that would constantly crash. Most importantly they wanted standardization across the board with a simple way to manage their IT expenses.


The Advanced Care support plan allowed the customer to have a fixed-fee cost for all IT support labor. This was extremely important to the business who was looking for an all-encompassing solution without being nickel and dimed.


With the business being in a rural area of Central Illinois, it could take hours in driving time to reach the customer. This created a unique requirement that whatever solution be installed was reliable and manageable from a remote location. To address this, we installed an end-to-end Cisco Meraki solution, from the security appliance, network switches and wireless access points. By placing all critical IT technologies under a single vendor, we decreased complexity, increased reliability, and gave our IT team the tools to troubleshoot everything remote. This cut back on driving time and saved the customer money.


Email was migrated to Office 365, allowing the customer to budget on an annual basis for email and Office applications. Compliance was no longer an issue, and all staff utilized the same version of Office applications, further making things standardized.


We completed a server project, allowing automation to drive security access to files on the network. Now when new employees join the organization, we simply add them to appropriate groups and email, file access, and printer installation happens instantly.


Final thoughts

Rural area businesses face unique challenges, especially when communication and internet is a critical part of success. Our ability to truly listen, design, and implement a technology strategy helped this customer stay ahead of competition and solve their IT needs at a fraction of an in-house solution.


We are currently designing a MDM (mobile device management) solution where all iPads and mobile phones can be managed from a centralized location.

Slow response from IT vendor caused service delivery issues, costing the company thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Additionally, unreliable internet forced staff to utilize hotspots, pushing the customer over their data limits. Business also wanted a solid security and disaster recovery plan.


Customer signed up for Advanced Care, an unlimited and comprehensive support service by Desert IT Solutions. In addition, we simplified the network with the following projects: 


  • Full-stack Cisco Meraki installation
  • Office 365 Migration with Office applications
  • Microsoft Server Domain Upgrade


Email was migrated to Office 365, we fixed failing hardware causing internet outages, and implemented a sophisticated security plan to protect the business. Overall technical issues have been reduced by 62% and staff no longer require mobile hotspots for internet access.