• Industry:  Construction
  • Employees:  120 Employees
  • Project:  Server, Security

Email was constantly crashing for 118 employees, which meant project managers couldn’t receive their daily work orders. This cost the company thousands of dollars in productivity loss, resulting in them contacting Desert IT for help..


We restored one database, and had to manually repair the other two. Setup new email certificates, re-programmed the server, and fixed email for their 118 employees across the nation. We implemented an eight-layer security approach, protecting the business from future threats.


We built a full solution to move to Office 365, upgrade to Server 2016, and replace critical IT systems which will be completed in Q4 of 2017.


IT costs were reduced by 73.83% after switching from an internal IT team to Desert IT. We installed thousands of missing security patches and resolved the crashing IT systems. This was done by fixing what they already owned and not purchasing new equipment. Our security experts implemented a strategy that allowed them to pass the audit with excellence.