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VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is the 21st century way to handle phone systems for your business. Instead of transferring data over out-dated telephone lines, you can securely handle your phone systems all over the internet.


The best part is: you save a ton of money, and get a bunch of new useful features. You can forget maintaining hardware for your phones, VoIP is encrypted on the cloud to save you time and money, all while providing high-quality audio.


Alternatively you can opt for on-premise phone systems, this is great if your business heavily relies on a lot of phones and you’re prepared to manage and maintain the system in-house. Whatever your situation, our certified professionals will help you find what suits your needs best, and give you the best bang for your buck.


Our process eliminates any downtime by providing rigorous preemptive testing, followed by seamless implementation. We’ll even come train your team on the new phones for free. Get in touch with us today, and start saving money with VoIP.

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What Our VoIP Clients Are Saying

You have no idea how frustrating things were prior to partnering with Desert IT. Not only are they easy to get ahold of and quickly respond to our issues, but on numerous occasions they let me know something is wrong before I even noticed it. I personally believe your services pay for themselves if you consider all the time we previously put into the technical side of things. Thanks again for the great service, you have truly made our lives easier.

– Allie

In the past we would wait hours, sometimes days for a response. Now not only are most issues addressed within 30 minutes, but almost all issues are solved the same day. What’s best is they have a prompt, all-encompassing (no piece meal) solution. We appreciate the relationship and enjoy working with everyone on the team. I can honestly say we should have switched to Desert IT sooner.

– Brett

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