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The internet empowers you to collaborate, communicate, share data and serve customers. That’s why you need a business internet service provider that’s fast, dependable, secure, and affordable.

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Reliable Internet Connectivity

The internet is the life force of modern business. – Is your internet service up to the task?

The internet empowers you to collaborate, communicate, share data and serve customers. That’s why you need a business internet service provider that’s fast, dependable, secure, and affordable.

Desert IT Solutions lets you unlock the value of reliable internet services to power your business.

Why Your Business Needs Dependable Internet Service

Imagine a day at the office without the internet. No more file downloads, chat messages, video conferencing, email, etc. Your ability to effectively serve customers slows to a snail’s pace and sales tank along with profitability.

You need reliable internet services with sufficient bandwidth, fast upload and download speeds, security, and scalability. We understand this. Our internet services are tailored to suit and adapt to your business needs as you grow.

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Types of Business Internet Service

There are three types of commonly used business internet connectivity options. They include:

Also known as DSL or Digital subscriber line. It’s one of the oldest forms of delivering connectivity to businesses. It’s reasonably affordable but also the least reliable in terms of quality. Speeds are especially slower when clients are further from the local telephone lines.

Cable internet runs on standard coax cable lines designed for television services. It’s among the most popular ways of connecting businesses and homes to the internet. It’s more reliable than DSL but can slow down especially during peak hours.

Fiber is by far one of the best business internet connectivity options. It offers equal upload and download speeds with superior scalability. Fiber networks transmit data using light over specialized cables packed with glass fibers. Light moves at 186,000 miles per second enabling speeds of up to 1,000 Megabits (one Gigabit) per second on fiber-optic networks. That’s almost 100 times faster than the US broadband average of 11.7 Megabit per second.

Given the enormous speeds, is fiber worth it? It might be. Businesses who utilize fiber broadband tend to achieve technical agility and innovate or pivot business models before others. Desert IT Solutions will help you leverage fiber broadband to supercharge your business.

Our team enables you to assess technological compatibility – hardware, software, wiring, proximity, etc. and assists in determining the cost or capital investment based on your budget and business needs.


Some benefits of fiber broadband to your business include:

  • Better internal collaboration and customer engagement via enhanced video conferencing and other multimedia
  • Faster access to cloud apps and services boosting employee productivity and lowering IT management infrastructure costs
  • Cost-effectiveness over the long run
  • Improved customer experiences powered by big data and custom apps with fiber at the core
  • Significantly higher network bandwidth and reliability with better upload and download speeds
  • Innovation and agility
  • Improved data security and lower risks from hacking and cybercrime
  • Lighter, smaller and sturdier cable technology
  • Higher productivity through reduced network latency and data bottlenecks

Why Choose Desert IT Solutions as Your Business Internet Provider?

Your business deserves the best. That’s why Desert IT Solutions has designed our internet services to give you the speed and dependability you need.

Desert IT Solutions brings all your IT under one roof – reducing the hassle of having to deal with multiple vendors and providers. Our team of IT experts understands more than just internet delivery. We work closely with you and your team to provide and maintain all your IT assets – including high-speed internet.


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