– minus the fluff, jargon, and BS

IT gets a bad rap. A lot of MSPs make tech solutions seem like a labyrinth, and they have the only map. These are all theatrics to drain your pocketbook. IT is simple – and that’s how we all like it.

Your Complete Price Quote
in 15 Minutes or Less

No one likes long discovery meetings – and no IT company needs one to give you accurate pricing. Set up a call with our experts and we’ll give you precise IT costs in no longer than 15 minutes – or we’ll give you 15% off your first bill.

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If We Can’t Fix
It Remotely, We
Come To You

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A Better Approach to Business IT Support


Once You Experience The Difference, You’ll Never Go Back
(And You’ll Wonder Why You Stuck With The Old Way For So Long)

No Long Term Contracts

An IT partnership should never feel like an unhappy marriage. At Desert IT, we do month-to-month contracts with an option to renew at the standard rate. Having long-term clients is a privilege, and one we don’t take lightly.

No Convoluted Pricing

No Start-Up Costs and No Hidden Fees. IT shouldn’t feel like a shakedown. You deserve to know exactly where each dollar in your budget is going. Your IT needs are straightforward and your pricing agreement should be no different.

No Overpromising

We’re not out to shake the foundations of the tech world with your IT solutions. We’re here to make sure your business infrastructure works exactly how it should, period.

Find Out If We’re a Fit
in 15 Minutes or Less

  1. Fill out our quick & painless form
  2. Schedule a 15-minute call and explain your situation
  3. Get price points and info on the next steps
  4. Partner with us or go about your day – no hard feelings

Desert IT


No service provider is capable of pleasing the masses, and we don’t pretend to be. Like desert camping, Desert IT is not for everyone. We know what our perfect client looks like, and we pull no punches in providing them with perfect IT support.


A common MSP tactic is to confuse clients with flashy tech jargon and convince them they need x, y, and z. These are more theatrics to squeeze pennies. IT isn’t rocket science – and Desert IT doesn’t make it out to be.

Show-Don’t-Tell Mentality

We could spend all day talking about our cutting-edge IT solutions, but that’s not our style. At the end of the day, you need practicers and doers managing your IT, not preachers.

Desert IT

Price Gougers

We hate it when our vendors hit us with hidden fees and sneaky
upsells – and we bet you do too. When we provide a quote, we stick to it. No unwelcome surprises, no tricks.

Yes People

The classic IT sales approach is to tell businesses exactly what they want to hear. Like everything else in life, IT isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. At Desert IT, we don’t sugarcoat the truth or make bold promises, ever.

Your New Best Friend

IT issues don’t take time off for extended client lunches, holiday parties, or golf outings – and neither do we. We’re here to provide vigilant IT support and vigilant IT support only, nothing more, nothing less.


What’s Included In Our

All-In-One Service

Managed IT



IT Security


Lorena Griego

I manage IT needs for the IICRC office and am so happy to have Jesus and the Desert IT team support us. We have been growing, our needs have been increasing, and because of the efficiency and professionalism of Desert IT it has been smooth. it is so important to have the right support with great follow through. I appreciate your quick response to resolve all our requests.

Anayeli Flores

DesertIT have been exceptional as our IT provider. We have an office here in Phoenix and Texas. Here in Phoenix we require onsite support a lot and whenever we need someone from DesertIT it takes them less than two hours to come to our office. Its like sending out the bat 🦇 signal. We are really grateful to have them as our IT company.

Camilo Angarita

The staff over at Desert IT are always extremely professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, patient. They are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you not only understand what they’re doing but also how it’s being done. They’re excellent at making sure there is always a constant flow of communication and understanding between both parties. The turn around time is the best! I highly recommend anyone to use them as their IT solution company!

Judy H

Desert IT is an amazing team of IT professionals to work with. We have had numerous issues trying to find an IT company to work with our business (22 Workstations+). Half their team is here and the other half is out of state. At first I thought that may be a problem, but I was wrong. They are the most efficient, knowledgeable IT company we have ever dealt with. They are 100% responsive and we never have to wait to get help. If you are looking for a great IT company, give them a call. You will be very happy you did!

Who says there are no guarantees in life?

Desert IT Solutions is committed to providing your business with top-shelf IT support that is tailor-made to enhance the work you do. In a world of no guarantees, we are proud to stand behind our work.

Fixed Right Guarantee

If it’s not fixed right the first time, we will not bill you again.

100% Satisfaction

30-day out on all agreements. Never get stuck with poor IT services.

Money Back Guarantee

Optional money back guarantee available for all service contractors. You will also have the owners direct cell numbers.

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