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Internet provider was asking for an additional $500 month on a 3-year contract to “fix” the unreliable internet. In addition, cell phones had no service inside the building.

Prevented a wasteful $18,000 over a 3-year period which would not have fixed the internet. Instead customer invested $4800 which resolved the issue and put a proper security system in place to protect the business from hackers. We also installed multiple wireless access points in the building, allowing cell phones to utilize WIFI calling.

Slow response from IT vendor caused service delivery issues, costing the company thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Email was migrated to Office 365, we fixed failing hardware causing internet outages, and implemented a sophisticated security plan to protect the business. Overall technical issues have been reduced by 62% and staff no longer require mobile hotspots for internet access.

A growing insurance company signed a lease on a new building which needed setup from scratch.

Customer signed up for Complete Care, our all-encompassing solution that includes unlimited IT support and computer systems. Advised customer on IT infrastructure including internet drops, phone system, internet contracts, and computer hardware. We implemented an eight-layer security approach, protecting the business from future threats.