Boost Patient Experience

You need to know that your technology works the first time — every time. Your patients deserve to know that their information is secure and their service will be swift.  

Americans are quite particular when it comes to their healthcare experience according to a recent study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Measuring and understanding the patient experience allows healthcare facilities across the country to implement solutions that will provide a higher level of education and protection to patients. Adequate communication is often cited as one of the largest challenges that patients face in healthcare, an issue that can be made worse if providers do not have immediate access to the right details to share with patients to help improve their quality of care. Having access to the latest technology and a secure infrastructure are often quoted as the best ways to improve the overall patient experience.

What Makes an Exceptional Patient Experience?

People lead extremely busy lives and need to feel confident that their healthcare is in the hands of professionals who not only understand their medical concerns but also personally care about their health. Here are some of the factors that can create an exceptional patient experience:

  • Swift and accurate communication of diagnoses
  • Easily understandable billing and accounting procedures
  • Moderate wait times for appointments
  • Friendly, helpful nurses, doctors and assistants
  • No feeling of being rushed through an appointment
  • High level of teamwork between departments or healthcare organizations
  • Empathy from the healthcare team and support professionals
  • Optimized diagnostic experiences
  • Access to self-monitoring tools when applicable
  • Patient-friendly technology that minimizes discomfort without sacrificing the quality of care

Patients are often looking for a seemingly-simple solution: a better quality of life with less pain, managed symptoms and a proactive treatment plan when one is available. Fortunately, many of these variables can be addressed by ensuring that the technology infrastructure within your practice is adequate and allows your processes to run smoothly and efficiently.

Billing, and Booking and Waiting — Oh, My!

Patients are not interested in waiting around to hear results from their healthcare providers. They don’t want to question whether or not they are receiving accurate information, or whether their healthcare details and financial information are secure within your practice. Slow or inadequate networks and outdated phone systems can cause a high level of frustration for staff members, and sometimes that pain can be transferred through to your patients. When nurses or administrators are having a difficult time locating the information that they need in a timely manner, it can cause all manner of delays for your business. When you invest in the right business infrastructure to support your medical practice, you can rest assured that your team can swiftly access patient details and provide a higher quality of care — without the annoyance factor.

Today’s patients are more interested in convenience and access to care, with 55% of patients surveyed naming these as the most important factors in their patient experience. This far surpasses even the quality of care (35%) and the brand reputation (40%) as top considerations, showing exactly how important it is to have all of the technical details handled for your business. Ready to see how to boost your patient experience — and outcomes? Contact the professionals at Desert IT Solutions today at 702-434-3487 to see how receiving proactive, 24/7 support can help boost your business outcomes and provide a more consistent and cohesive experience for staff and patients. Our teams work around the clock to ensure that your healthcare practice has access to the Help Desk support and infrastructure that you can count on by answering calls within 23 seconds to resolve your toughest IT issues.